Business Intelligence for Learning Management

If you can imagine it, you can measure it. Between countless pre-built reports and the ability to export data to Tableau and other BI platforms, CourseMill is as straightforward or advanced as you need it to be.

Illustrates the impact of learning programs with dashboards & reports

Provides micro & macro-level data for thousands of users

Quantifies operational data and learning KPIs

Offers access to external data sources outside the LMS to remove data limits

Trusted Across Industries

Some of the world’s largest enterprises rely on CourseMill. It’s the trusted LMS choice for diverse industries including agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, retail sales, financial services, hospitality, transportation, government, education, publishing, and small-to-medium sized businesses.
70% of CourseMill clients are Fortune 500 companies
All 5 military branches & 43 state government entities choose the CourseMill LMS.
CourseMill clients are all over the world - spanning 125 countries.

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